Friday, January 15, 2010

Updates and announcements

Although I sent you all an email last night (and if you didn't get it, you should check your MyWSU email address), I won't typically be sending email unless there's some sort of major announcement like class cancellation. Instead, I'll post the information and links here, so you should make it a practice to check this blog on a regular basis.

You can check it on the web at the above address, by becoming a "follower" if you have a blog in Blogger, or by using an RSS feed reader like Bloglines or Google Reader.  If you want to check it on your iPhone, you could use an app like Bylines or Reeder, or you could use Viigo or another such application if you have a Blackberry.

 About blogs and reports: you need to sign up for either a blog or a report (or both) by next Tuesday, January 19.

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