Saturday, April 10, 2010

Extra blog posts

Last night was the last "official" blog post, although one additional "extra" blog post is on your syllabus.  I've decided that instead of one extra blog post (and set of comments) for credit, you'll be able to write two:


If you'd rather, you can also write on something other than The House of Mirth for these last two  posts: a book that you  think would fit well into this class that we didn't get to read, for example, or some other aspect of the material that you'd like to discuss.

As mentioned earlier, each post counts 2 points and a week's comments (must be done within that week) counts 1, for a perfect score of 30 by the end of the semester (10 posts x 2 + 10 comments x 1 = 30).

Those of you who have already kept up with blog posts by writing each week can opt not to do these extra posts, since they won't give you any extra points if you're already at 30.

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